Anthony Russel is a gifted and talented sculptural artist and designer who also uses his talents to make unique jewellery. His work has won him various awards and is showcased in popular galleries and museums. Taking inspiration from the things around him, from nature and abstract shapes and forms.

Being able to sculpt is a skill, and by combining it with a natural flare of creativity will result in unique works. Sculpture is a craft much like art, but because it’s often done in on a 3D scale to fully appreciate the finished piece, the right creation and colour can have a huge impact for it’s purpose. Some sculptors even prefer a semi-3D relief effect, only carving out half of the intended designed to make it stand out more. Traditionally clay is used and also wood, and then marble for the more classical projects like famous statues of saints in Italy, and of Gods, Myths and Legends in Greece. Nowadays glass, plastics and even textiles are used, and with the addition of laser technology it can be done even faster and more precise than ever before. However a ‘sculpture’ doesn’t mean that it has to be made, anything ‘found’ can also be classed as a sculpture.

Sculpture is used to communicate an idea and give it a 3-Dimensional form, to be better presented to others. A 2D or flat drawing is good, but sometimes making something in 3D just has more impact. It would give more meaning to the object you are making. For example the giant bronze lions that sits outside the Head Office of the HSBC bank in Hong Kong, inpsired by their Shanghai cousins for the Shanghai branch, is said to be about the lion which is fierce and proud, looking out and guarding the entrance to the bank. You might think that it’s a nice little story, but considering the sheer size and the material it’s made from, it does make its presence felt.

Art, on the other hand, is used to record events and create portraits in old times. Now a dying trend, art is looked upon as a traditional outlet for creativity and expression of ideas, especially since modern technology has come a long way and is so readily available and accessible.

As an artist the aim is to be able to convey messages, ideas and feelings across well, even if the may come across as abstract or strange. Anthony Russel infuses sculpture and art in his work to give it meaning and presence, and to leave a strong impression on the viewer. It’s effective as a form of visual communication, and an expression of ideas.


Being an artist myself, I love collecting unique work of arts such as painting and sculptures. I am also into visiting art exhibits because they provide me inspirations. Just the other day, I drove my new Chrysler car to visit the gallery exhibit by a famous painter and sculptor. I admire how their minds play in order to form creative artworks.

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